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Digital World Academy aims to educate the masses regarding digital assets. The purpose of this guide is to help educate investors in Cryptocurrencies as much as possible in their daily trade, helping them to gain more profits and to reduce speculation in this market.

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    Digital World Academy wants a future where nearly everyone will know how to use, trade, and even mine digital currency if they’d like. Our comprehensive courses are the most resourceful sources of information you can find.

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    Why should I download this eBook?

    This eBook was written by experts in order to help new cryptocurrencies investors wisely making their first move in the Cryptocurrency market and in particular in buying and trading Bitcoins. Today, this eBook is free of charge.

    Do you promote remote learning?

    Yes, we do promote remote learning. As a Digital Academy company, we are willing to promote our services, especially at this hard time of CoVID-19 risk presence. Therefore, we are investing in a new Internet campaign that will help us build a new customer-base database using GDPR strict policy that implements our privacy policy.

    Who is behind the Digital World Academy?

    Digital World Academy is an educational platform on digital assets & cryptocurrencies, Digital World Academy urges our clients to read our terms and conditions carefully. Digital World Academy is a brand owned and operated by Miriam Finance.

    What do I need to open the eBook?

    eBook, which is short for “electronic books”, is a book that you download and read on your
    computer. In order to be able to read a PDF file, you must have a PDF reading program installed on your computer. Depending on your machine, you may already have one:
    In Windows 10 the “Reader” app is included with your browser
    On most Macs, the “Preview” application is included
    In addition, there are several third-party PDF reading programs that you can download and install:
    Adobe Reader is the most “official” PDF reading program available on most platforms.
    Foxit Reader is a small, fast Adobe alternative for Windows.

    Do I need to register?

    No, you don’t need to register. For accessing more educational materials please register to the Digital World Academy website at https://digitalworld.academy/

    Is the eBook really free?

    Yes it is Free and available now at Digital World Academy only.

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